ultimate vegan comfort food recipes

10 ultimate vegan comfort food recipes (including molten chocolate cakes)

Contrary to popular belief, comfort food doesn’t have to involve cheese, cream and butter. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 vegan comfort food recipes that might just change your mind. There’s beans on toast, melting chocolate and a massive sandwich too.

1. Sweet potatoes with chipotle and black bean chilli

Baked sweet potatoes

Via: Homemade

Bored of the usual spud? Swap it for the sweet variety, top it with black beans and chipotle chilli flakes for a Mexican vibe and drizzle with creamy tahini. Done.

2. Vegan stuffed mushrooms

Some vegans deplore the stuffed mushroom option (it’s overdone and lacks any imagination… pfff). But these beauties are topped with the creamiest vegan mash ever to grace your plate (made with the inspired addition of unsweetened coconut milk). Everyone happy now? Good.

3. Portobello ‘steak’ sandwich

This sub is so jam-packed, you might have to tackle it with a knife and fork. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

4. Pumpkin farro risotto with sage and pesto

Pumpkin farro risotto

Via: Homemade

Similar to barley, farro is an ancient grain with a chewy texture and nutty taste. Top with homemade sage and kale pesto. Nom.

5. Sticky beans on toast

Sticky beans on toast

Via: Homemade

Forget a tin of baked beans. This recipe takes just 30 minutes, but with the flavour of the black treacle and Dijon mustard spiked sauce you’d never guess it hadn’t been cooking for hours.

6. Roasted pumpkin, blueberries and spiced lentils

This dish has every taste and texture-combo going, from crunchy pecans to soft pumpkin. Any leftovers make an epic salad the next day, too – just add some chopped lettuce.

7. Shiitake mushroom and tofu ramen

Shiitake mushroom ramen

Via: Homemade

Chargrilled tofu, nutty buckwheat noodles and a rich porcini broth make a bowlful of goodness. Slurp with gusto.

8. Vegan double chocolate brownie

Grab a spoon and dive right in. Just make sure your spoon is bigger than everyone else’s. Or don’t share at all. Totally your call.

9. Vegan hot chocolate

If it’s cold outside (or even if it’s not), you can always leave out the spices and add a glug of booze to your mug. No one’s judging you.

10. Chocolate and banana molten cakes

Molten chocolate pudding

Via: Homemade

We love the satisfying splurge of chocolate as you cut into these beauties. And the hazelnut and date sauce can just be eaten with a spoon.


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