House Committee to Trump: Improve Gov’t Communication

House Committee to Trump: Improve Gov’t Communication to Fight Terror

A House committee to trump examining America’s fight against terrorism has some recommendations for President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, starting with having better communication.

The House Financial Services Committee’s Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, released its report this week and suggested that communication between government agencies, private businesses, and foreign countries needs to be improved.

“While the government produces studies of the terror finance threat and of money laundering methodologies, absent a requirement for a regularly updated unified strategy, departments and agencies pursue their efforts in ways that can lead to duplication of effort, gaps and general inefficiency,” the lawmakers wrote.

“A constantly updated strategy will have the added benefit of increasing intra- government networking and awareness of emerging tools that could be used to stop the flow of illicit funds.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported on the committee’s findings, which were detailed in a report titled “Stopping Terror Finance: Securing the U.S. Financial Sector.”

Rep. Robert Pittenger, a North Carolina Republican who served as vice chairman of the aforementioned task force, told the Free Beacon the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group generates vast amounts of income.

“We believe their revenue demands are $2 million to $4 million dollars a day,” Pittenger said. “In 2015, we estimated their revenue was upwards of $500 million. To the extent that you can intercept their funding, you can help dismantle their efforts.”

Trump has made national security one of his top priorities for when he takes office next month. Kellyanne Conway, who served as his campaign manager and who will work as counselor to the president in his administration, said Wednesday Trump “has a specific plan” to fight terrorism.



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